Tartar may refer to:

  • An alternative spelling of the name Tatars, an ethnic group in present-day Russia.
  • Tartars, the name of the athletic teams from 1927–1999 at Wayne State University in Detroit.
  • Tartar sauce
  • Tartar on teeth, hardened dental plaque
  • Salts of tartaric acid
    • Cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate)
    • Tartar emetic (antimony potassium tartrate)
  • Tartar Rayon, a rayon in Azerbaijan
  • Tərtər, capital of Tartar Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • Tartar, Switzerland, a village in the Grisons
  • Steak tartare, a meat dish made from ground raw beef
  • Tartars, a name applied to the enemy invaders in The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati
  • Tartar, a GWR Iron Duke Class steam locomotive
  • Tartar was one of the GWR 3031 Class locomotives that were built for and run on the Great Western Railway between 1891 and 1915; renamed Walter Robinson in 1901.
  • RIM-24 Tartar missile
  • Tartar Guided Missile Fire Control System
  • HMS Tartar, the name of several Royal Navy Vessels

Famous quotes containing the word tartar:

    Asia surrounds us—wherever one’s glance rests, a Tartar physiognomy.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    Once I went so far as to slaughter a woodchuck which ravaged my bean-field,—effect his transmigration, as a Tartar would say,—and devour him, partly for experiment’s sake; but though it afforded me a momentary enjoyment, notwithstanding a musky flavor, I saw that the longest use would not make that a good practice, however it might seem to have your woodchucks ready dressed by the village butcher.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)