Tamaran is a fictional planet in DC Comics, inhabited by Tamaraneans, an extraterrestrial race. The first Tamaranean introduced was Koriand'r, better known as Starfire. The only other named Tamaraneans are Komand'r, Starfire's sister (also known as Blackfire), her younger brother Ryand'r and her parents, Myand'r and Luand'r. (In the Teen Titans animated series, Galfore, Starfire's "k'norfka", the equivalent of a nanny, appears as well, though her parents do not.) The planet was destroyed in a war, along with Starfire's parents and many of its people. However, enough evacuated that they were able to settle on a new planet, though that planet was also destroyed. The most recent Tamaranean home was the planet Karna.

Before its destruction, Tamaran had not one ruling family, but rather many ruling families. When the planet was led to war by the Citadel race, Starfire's parents became the planet's sole ruling family. However, Blackfire later seized control from her parents. Blackfire has since been the ruler of the Tamaranean people, even after the repeated destruction of their home world.

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