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  • Talaat Pasha (1874–1921), one of the leaders of the Committee of Union and Progress that controlled the Ottoman Empire during the First World War
  • Talat Mahmood (1924–1998), Indian playback singer and film actor
  • Talât Sait Halman (born 1931), Turkish poet, translator and cultural historian
  • Talat Masood (born 1932), retired general in the Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers
  • Talat Othman (born 1936), Palestinian-American businessman, investor, and Republican fundraiser
  • Talat Hussain (actor) (born 1945), Pakistani actor
  • Talat Wizarat (born 1946), scholar of International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies from Pakistan
  • Talat Ahmed (born 1948), Pakistani cricketer
  • Talat Ali (born 1950), former Pakistani cricketer
  • Mehmet Ali Talat (born 1952), former President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Talat Aziz (born 1956), ghazal singer from Hyderabad, India
  • Tal'at Fu'ad Qasim (died 1995), leader of Egypt's militant Gama'a Islamiyya organization
  • Talat Farooq (born 1964), educator, human rights activist, poet, and columnist
  • Talat Hussain (news executive) (born 1966), executive director of AAJ Television

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