Tail Feathers

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Similicaudipteryx - Paleobiology
... The nature of the feathers preserved in the two immature Yixian specimens of Similicaudipteryx appeared to Xu and colleagues, who described the two feathered specimens, to change with age ... youngest specimen had relatively short primary feathers (those anchored to the hand) compared to its tail feathers ... In the older specimen, the primary feathers were the same length as the tail feathers, and secondary feathers (those anchored to the lower arm) were also present ...
Roost - Anatomy and Physiology - Feathers, Plumage, and Scales
... Feathers are a feature characteristic of birds (though also present in some dinosaurs not currently considered to be true birds) ... There are several types of feathers, each serving its own set of purposes ... Feathers are epidermal growths attached to the skin and arise only in specific tracts of skin called pterylae ...
Lesser Antillean Macaw - Description
... Macaw was described as being similar in colouration to the Scarlet Macaw, but with shorter tail feathers, as these were 18 or 15–20 in (45.7 or 38.1–50.1 ... The tail feathers of the Scarlet Macaw are 2 ft (70 cm) long, and also differ by having blue tips, with the outer feathers being almost entirely blue ... In spite of the tail feathers being shorter, it is not certain to determine whether the Lesser Antillean Macaw was smaller than the Scarlet Macaw overall, as the relative ...
Huia - Relationship With Humans - In Culture
... the Huia's range was restricted to the southern North Island, its tail feathers were valued highly and were exchanged among tribes for other valuable goods ... Through this trade, the feathers reached the far north and the far south of New Zealand ... Huia feathers were worn at funerals and used to decorate the heads of the deceased ...
... gives this species its English and scientific names, a deep purple body, and white outer tail feathers ... dull white below, and has dull white outer tail feathers ... Snowcaps resemble the adult female, but are duller, have greyer underparts, and bronzed central tail feathers ...

Famous quotes containing the words feathers and/or tail:

    Its shrill scream seems yet to linger in its throat, and the roar of the sea in its wings. There is the tyranny of Jove in its claws, and his wrath in the erectile feathers of the head and neck. It reminds me of the Argonautic expedition, and would inspire the dullest to take flight over Parnassus.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The only people who treasure systems are those whom the whole truth evades, who want to catch it by the tail. A system is just like truth’s tail, but the truth is like a lizard. It will leave the tail in your hand and escape; it knows that it will soon grow another tail.
    Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818–1883)