Taffy can refer to any of the following:

  • Taffy (candy), a type of chewy, often colored, candy
  • Taffy is a sometimes pejorative term for a Welsh person or thing
  • Taffy horses have manes and tails in contrast to their dark chocolate brown coat colour; most commonly, Taffys are recognised as brown with a white mane and tail, but there are other varieties, including silver dapple Taffy
  • A nickname for Navy-Task Units in World War II. e.g.: Taffy III for Task Unit 77.4.3
  • Taffy (played by Natalie Portman) is the daughter of the president (Jack Nicholson) in the Tim Burton film Mars Attacks!
  • Taffy, a singer known for her 'I Love My Radio' record
  • Taffy (song), a song by Lisa Loeb
  • A character from the Clay Fighter video games
  • Slang for the drug Tafil, used to treat anxiety disorders
  • A reference to being born within the sight of the river Taff
  • TaffyDB, a database library for JavaScript
  • A nickname for David