Super League XIV - Disciplinary Record

Disciplinary Record

The following table lists all incidents that were reviewed by the Rugby Football League during Super League XIV, which were later deemed "guilty" and resulted in disciplinary action. The offenses were graded, depending on severity, in alphabetical order, "A" being less severe than "B".

Name of Player Rnd Offense Grade Suspension Fine Source
Chev Walker 1 Striking C 1 match £300 Report
Michael McIlorum 2 Dangerous throw C 1 match £200 Report
Jamal Fakir 2 High tackle C 1 match £300 Report
Ben Westwood 2 High tackle D 5 matches £300 Report
Maurie Fa'asavalu 4 "Chicken wing" C 1 match £300 Report
Keith Mason 7 Striking C None £300 Report
Ian Sibbitt 10 High tackle C 1 match £300 Report
Darrell Griffin 17 Grapple tackle C None £300 Report
Jamal Fakir 17 High tackle C 2 matches £300 Report

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