Substrate may refer to:

  • Substrate (building), Natural stone, masonry surface, ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • Substrate (aquarium), the material used in the bottom of an aquarium
  • Substrate (vivarium), the material used in the bottom of a vivarium or terrarium
  • Substrate (biochemistry), a molecule that is acted upon by an enzyme
  • Substrate (materials science), the material on which a process is conducted
  • Substrate (biology), the natural environment in which an organism lives, or the surface or medium on which an organism grows or is attached
  • Substrate (chemistry), the reactant which is consumed during a catalytic or enzymatic reaction
  • Substrate (marine biology), the earthy material that exists in the bottom of a marine habitat, like dirt, rocks, sand, or gravel
  • Substrate (printing), the base material that images will be printed onto
  • The stratum on which another geologic stratum lies

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