Steve Austin

Stephen, Steven, or Steve Austin may refer to:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin (born 1964), American actor and retired professional wrestler
  • Steve Austin (dog trainer), Australian dog trainer
  • Stephen F. Austin (1793–1836), the "Father of Texas"
  • Steve Austin (fictional character), a character from Cyborg and The Six Million Dollar Man
  • Steve Austin (Australian broadcaster) (born 1960), Australian radio and television broadcaster
  • Steve Austin (musician) (born 1966), member of the rock band Today is the Day
  • Steve Austin (athlete) (born 1951), Australian long distance runner
  • Steven Kent Austin, actor, movie producer and movie director

Famous quotes containing the words steve and/or austin:

    Who is your user, program?
    Steve Lisberger, U.S. screenwriter, and Steve Lisberger. Dumont (Barnard Hughes)

    if you ever, ever, dare
    To stop a grizzly bear,
    You will never meet another grizzly bear.
    —Mary Austin (1868–1934)