Stead (pronounced 'sted' as in "instead") is a surname, and may refer to

  • C. K. Stead (born 1932), New Zealand writer and critic
  • Christina Stead (1902–1983), Australian writer
  • Dave Stead (born 1966), drummer
  • David George Stead (1877–1957), Australian marine biologist, conservationist and writer
  • Edgar Stead (1881–1949), New Zealand ornithologist, horticulturist and marksman
  • Edward Stead (1701–1735), early English cricket team manager
  • Eugene A. Stead (1908–2005), American physician
  • Gary Stead (born 1972), New Zealand cricketer
  • George Christopher Stead (1913–2008), Cambridge professor of philosophy and Christian doctrine
  • George Gatonby Stead (1841–1908), Zealand grain merchant, racehorse owner and breeder, businessman
  • Jon Stead (born 1983), English footballer
  • Martin Stead (born 1958), Canadian cricketer
  • Ralph Stead (1917–2000), British corporate chairman
  • Robert J.C. Stead (1880–1959), Canadian Journalist and Author
  • William Force Stead (1884–1967), American diplomat, poet, academic and clergyman
  • William Thomas Stead (1849–1912), British poet and journalist

Stead may also refer to

  • Reno Stead Airport near Reno, Nevada, United States

Famous quotes containing the word stead:

    I hate Bernard Shaw because he says that life is compromise.
    —Christina Stead (1902–1983)

    A mother! What are we worth really? They all grow up whether you look after them or not.
    —Christina Stead (1902–1983)

    Humorists are always pessimists. They’re reactionaries: because they see that every golden cloud has a black lining.
    —Christina Stead (1902–1983)