Stanley Rangers - Current Stanley Rangers ARLFC Coaches Who Play(ed) Professional Rugby League

Current Stanley Rangers ARLFC Coaches Who Play(ed) Professional Rugby League

  • Iain Bowie: Wakefield Trinity, Dewsbury, Nottingham City?/Nottingham Outlaws?, Hunslet
  • Mark Conway: Leeds Rhinos, Wakefield Trinity
  • Steve Durham: Hull F.C., Wakefield Trinity
  • Jamie Field: Huddersfield Giants, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
  • Ryan Hudson: Huddersfield Giants, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Castleford Tigers, Bradford Bulls
  • Gez King: Dewsbury Rams
  • Gary Lord: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, Dewsbury Rams
  • Ian Sampson: Bramley Buffaloes, Hunslet Hawks
  • Lee Sampson: Hunslet Hawks

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