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  • Barbara Staff (born 1924), American political activist
  • David Staff (born 1979), English footballer for Boston United and Rugby Town
  • Hanne Staff (born 1972), Norwegian orienteering athlete
  • Jamie Staff MBE (born 1973), English BMX and track racing cyclist and coach
  • Kathy Staff (1928–2008), English actress who portrayed Nora Batty in Last of the Summer Wine
  • Leopold Staff (1878–1957), Polish poet
  • Ole Johannesen Staff (born 1789), Norwegian politician
  • Ray Staff, mastering engineer for Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Clash and Black Sabbath
  • Staff Barootes (1918–2000), Canadian physician, urologist, and parliamentarian
  • Staff Jones (born 1959), rugby union prop forward for Wales and Pontypool

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Famous quotes containing the word people:

    In this world, only those people who have fallen to the lowest degree of humiliation, far below beggary, who are not just without any social consideration but are regarded by all as being deprived of that foremost human dignity, reason itself—only those people, in fact, are capable of telling the truth. All the others lie.
    Simone Weil (1909–1943)

    The market came with the dawn of civilization and it is not an invention of capitalism.... If it leads to improving the well-being of the people there is no contradiction with socialism.
    Mikhail Gorbachev (b. 1931)

    Writers aren’t people exactly. Or, if they’re any good, they’re a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person. It’s like actors, who try so pathetically not to look in mirrors. Who lean backward trying—only to see their faces in the reflecting chandeliers.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)