SRE can refer to:

In organizations:

  • Sancta Romana Ecclesia (S.R.E.) ("The Holy Roman Church"), often used in reference to the College of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, the foreign ministry of Mexico.
  • Swinging Radio England, a former commercial pirate radio station
  • Sempra Energy, a company with New York Stock Exchange symbol SRE
  • Samenwerkingsverband Regio Eindhoven, a city region in The Netherlands

In science and technology:

  • Serious Reportable Event, an inexcusable outcome in a health care setting.
  • Serum Response Element; see Serum response factor
  • Steroid Response Element
  • Site Reliability Engineering, a branch of reliability engineering applied to websites.
  • Space Capsule Recovery Experiment, an Indian satellite
  • Sodium Reactor Experiment, a former US experimental nuclear power plant

In transportation:

  • Juana Azurduy de Padilla International Airport, in Sucre, Bolivia, which has IATA airport code SRE
  • Saharanpur station, an Indian railway station with Indian railway code SRE
  • Stranraer Harbour (Ship), a UK railway station with UK railway station code SRE

In other:

  • Solar Realms Elite, a multi-player game
  • Seychellois rupee, the currency of the Seychelles
  • Sre, a Bahnaric language
  • Sex and Relationships Education a form of sex education taught in the UK