Soft or SOFT may refer to:

  • Softness (disambiguation), various meanings
  • Soft (band), a musical group
  • Soft!, a novel by Rupert Thomson
  • Soft matter, various states of matter with low resistance to external force
  • Soft magnetic material is a magnetic material with low coercivity
  • Soft skills, a sociological term relating to a person's emotional intelligence
  • "Soft," a song by Lemon Jelly on the single "Soft/Rock"
  • "Soft", a song by Kings of Leon on the album Aha Shake Heartbreak
  • Sorgenti di Firenze Trekking (SOFT), system of walking trails in Italy
  • SOFT, Society of Forensic Toxicologists

Famous quotes containing the word soft:

    Help me to seek, for I lost it there
    And if that ye have found it, ye that be here,
    And seek to convey it secretly,
    Handle it soft and treat it tenderly,
    Or else it will plain and then appear:
    Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503?–1542)

    Happy ye leaves! whenas those lily hands,
    Which hold my life in their dead-doing might,
    Shall handle you, and hold in love’s soft bands,
    Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

    Oh! my God! the down,
    The soft young down of her, the brown,
    The brown of her—her eyes, her hair, her hair . . .
    Charlotte Mew (1870–1928)