Slow Burn (song)

Slow Burn or Slowburn may refer to:

  • Slow Burn (2005 film), a film by Wayne Beach starring Ray Liotta, Jolene Blalock and LL Cool J
  • Slow Burn (1986 film), a film by Matthew Chapman starring Eric Roberts and Johnny Depp
  • Slow Burn (2000 film), a film by Christian Ford starring Minnie Driver, James Spader and Josh Brolin
  • Slow Burn (David Bowie song), a 2002 song by David Bowie
  • Slow Burn (T.G. Sheppard song), a 1983 single by T.G. Sheppard
  • Slow Burn (Atreyu song), a 2007 song by Atreyu
  • Slowburn (Corey Hart song), a 1990 song by Corey Hart
  • Slowburn (Peter Gabriel song), a 1977 song by Peter Gabriel
  • Slowburn (band), a 1990's Canadian alternative rock band from Vancouver
  • Slow Burn (Heroes), a mini-series of the TV show Heroes webisodes, as well as the accompanying iStory
  • Slow Burn (CSI: Miami), an episode of the TV show CSI: Miami first aired in 2004

Famous quotes containing the words slow and/or burn:

    I thank you for your letter. I was very glad to get it; and I am glad again to write to you. However slow the steamer, no time intervenes between the writing and the reading of thoughts, but they come freshly to the most distant port.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The poor have their fortunes told; the rich burn incense to the Buddha.
    Chinese proverb.