Sladek or more properly Sládek is a Czech surname meaning a maltster. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bohumil Sládek, Czechoslovak sprint canoer
  • John Thomas Sladek (1937–2000), American science fiction author
  • Michael Sladek (born 1947), German doctor, bearer of the Bundesverdienstkreuz (husband of Ursula)
  • Ursula Sladek, German renewable energy activist (wife of Michael)
  • Miroslav Sládek (born 1950), Czech politician
    • Republicans of Miroslav Sládek, political party in the Czech Republic
  • Josef Vaclav Sladek (1845-1912), Czech poet, writer of highly personal lyrics in a folk style and translator of poems by Longfellow and Burns as well as 32 plays by William Shakespeare into the Czech language
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