Sinhala Alphabet - Similarities To Other Scripts

Similarities To Other Scripts

Sinhala is one of the Brahmic scripts, and thus shares many similarities with other members of the family, such as the Tamil script and Devanāgarī. As a general example, /a/ is the inherent vowel in all three scripts. Other similarities include the diacritic for , which resembles a doubled in all three scripts (Sinhala e:ෙ, ai:ෛ; Tamil e:ெ, ai:ை, Devanāgarī pe:पे, pai:पै). The combination of the diacritics for and <ā> yields in all three scripts:

  • Sinhala e: ෙ, Sinhala ā: ා, Sinhala o: ො
  • Tamil e:ெ, Tamil ā: ா, Tamil o: ொ
  • Devanāgarī e: `, Devanāgarī ā: ा, Devanāgarī o: ो

The diacritic for is composed of preceding and following <ḷ> in Sinhala (ෞ) and Tamil (ௌ).

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