Sicily is an autonomous Italian island. The adjectival form
Sicilian can also refer to:

  • Sicilian language
  • Sicilian Baroque, baroque architecture in 17th & 18th centuries on Sicily
  • Sicilian cart, an ornate, colorful style of horse-drawn cart native to Sicily
  • Sicilian cuisine
  • Sicilian Defence, in chess
  • Sicilian derby, an annual football (soccer) match in Sicily
  • Sicilian Expedition, an abortive military filibuster from Athens in 415 BCE
  • Sicilian Fir, Abies nebrodensis, an evergreen tree native to northern Sicily
  • Sicilian octave, an Italian verse form consisting of eight lines of eleven syllables each
  • Sicilian people
  • Sicilian pizza, pizza with ingredients incorporated into the dough
  • Sicilian revolt, (44BCE - 36BCE)
  • Sicilian School, poetry (1230 - 1266)
  • Sicilian Stage, faunal stage in Europa (0.781-0.26 mya)
  • Sicilian Vespers, a rebellion in Sicily in 1282
  • Sicilian Wars, a series of wars between Carthage and Greeks (480 BCE - 307 BCE)
  • The Sicilian, a novel by Mario Puzo