Sho may refer to:

  • sho (board game), a Tibetan board game with dice, also called Tibetan BackGammon.
  • sho (unit), a Tibetan currency unit (see historical money of Tibet)
  • shodo, a Japanese calligraphy
  • sho (letter), a letter of the Greek alphabet used to write the Bactrian language
  • Sho?, a Dubai-based rock band

Shō may refer to:

  • shō (instrument) (笙), an Asian wind instrument
  • shō (unit) (升), a Japanese unit of volume measurement, often used in sake production
  • the Shō River in Japan
  • Shō (given name)
  • Shō (surname), a Japanese surname

SHO may refer to:

  • SHO, abbreviation for Showtime (TV network), a television network
  • the Ford Taurus SHO (Super High Output), a car produced from 1989–1999 and after 2010
    • Ford SHO V6 engine
    • Ford SHO V8 engine
  • senior house officer, a stage in UK and Irish medical training
  • the Shell Houston Open, an event on the PGA Tour
  • shutout, a term in team games including baseball and ice hockey
  • Silent Hill: Origins, a 2007 survival horror game for the PlayStation Portable
  • a simple harmonic oscillator (see simple harmonic motion)
  • Sokcho Airport, South Korea (IATA code)
  • station house officer, the police in charge of a police station in India and Pakistan