Shirley - Places


United Kingdom
  • Shirley, Derbyshire, England
  • Shirley, Southampton, a district of Southampton, England
  • Shirley, London (London Borough of Croydon, England) – formerly in Surrey
  • Shirley, West Midlands, England – formerly in Warwickshire
United States
  • Shirley, Arkansas
  • Shirley, California (disambiguation)
  • Shirley, Illinois
  • Shirley, Indiana
  • Shirley, Maine
  • Shirley, Massachusetts
    • Shirley (MBTA station)
  • Shirley, New York
  • Shirley, Erie County, New York
  • Shirley, Virginia
  • Shirley Plantation, Virginia
  • Shirley, Wisconsin
New Zealand
  • Shirley, New Zealand, a suburb of Christchurch
  • Shirleys Bay in the Ottawa River, Ontario

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