Shing Mun Country Park - Vegetation


At the head of the reservoir near the former Tai Wai Village, a "fung shui" grove contains a rich variety of more than 70 species of trees. It has been designated as a "special area" that merits special protection. To the west of the reservoir, both sides of the stream known as Tai Shing Shek Kan are covered with a rich variety of shrubs, grasses and trees, including several species of Camellia, Camellia granthamiana, which bears beautiful white flowers more than 12 cm in diameter, is a rare species found only a few decades ago. It is named after a former Hong Kong Governor, Sir Alexander Grantham.

During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in World War II, most of the trees in the park were cut down. Extensive reafforestation was carried out after the war. The main species was Pinus massoniana, whilst Pinus elliottii, Lophostemon confertus, Melaleuca quinquenervia and Acacia confusa were introduced later. The area has now become one of the major forest plantations in Hong Kong.

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