A Shikari is a big game hunter, especially in India, a native hunter who serves as a guide. The word is derived from Persian Shikar (of hunting) + Persian suffix i (denoting possession).

Shikari may also refer to:

  • Enter Shikari, a present day Post-Hardcore punk rock band from St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK
  • HMS Shikari, a British Destroyer which played important roles in the Dunkirk evacuation.
  • Shikara, a light, flat-bottomed boat used in Kashmir
  • Shikari, a Dutch screamo/hardcore band signed to Level Plane Records. Not to be confused with Enter Shikari.
  • Shikari: The Hunter, a 1991 Hindi film
  • Shikari (2000 film), a Hindi film
  • Shikari (2012 film), a Kannada and Malayalam film
  • Shikari Lonestar, a fictional character from the DC comics Legion of Super-Heroes series