Sherlock may be:

  • an English surname.
    • William Sherlock, 1641–1707, English church leader
    • Thomas Sherlock, 1678–1761 (son of William), English bishop
    • William Sherlock (cricketer), 1881–1937
    • Richard Sherlock (b. 1983), cricketer
    • James Sherlock (b.1983), pianist
  • Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle
    • Sherlock Holmes (disambiguation), various adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes stories
    • Sherlock (TV series), a BBC TV series that started in 2010, placing the Sherlock Holmes stories in current time
    • Sherlock Hemlock, a Muppet from the TV show Sesame Street
    • Sherlock (software), search software for Apple Macintosh
    • Sherlock (video game), a 1984 text adventure by Melbourne House
  • Sherlock (EP), by Shinee
  • Sherlock, South Australia
  • Sherlock, Western Australia
  • Sherlock Township, Finney County, Kansas