Shah (/ˈʃɑː/; Persian: شاه‎, king) is a title given to the kings and lords of Iran and India. It was continuously used in Persia and Greater Iran. In India, it was used by Mughal rulers. The word derives from the Old Iranian, Avestan xšaΘra, "power" and "command", corresponding to Sanskrit (Ancient Indian) kshatriya, "warrior". The full, Old Persian title of the Achaemenid rulers of the First Persian Empire was XšāyaΘiya XšāyaΘiyānām, "King of Kings"." The Persian term Shah should not be confused with the Indian family name of Shah prevalent in Western India which is derived from Sanskrit Sadhu and the Prakrit word Sahu.

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Famous quotes containing the word shah:

    Varis Shah says habits don’t die even if we are cut into pieces.
    —Varis Shah (18th cent.)