Shag may refer to:

  • Collegiate shag, a swing dance that originated in the 1920s (popular in the 1930s and 40s)
  • Carolina shag, a swing dance that originated in South Carolina in the 1940s and still is their state dance
  • St. Louis shag, a swing dance that evolved from the Charleston
  • Shag (1989 film)
  • Shag (fabric), a fabric typically used to make deep-pile carpets
  • Shag or Cormorant, a bird family
    • European Shag, a specific species of the shag or cormorant family
  • The Shag, also known as The Shags (one of many bands of that name) or Shag, a 1960s garage and psychedelic rock band from Milwaukee
  • Shag, a name used on some pop records in the early 1970s by British record producer Jonathan King
  • Shag (tobacco), fine-cut tobacco
  • Shag (hairstyle)
  • Shag (Josh Agle), American artist
  • Shag, also known as a Stag and doe
  • British slang for sexual intercourse - see Wiktionary definition
  • Shagging (baseball), to catch fly balls in baseball outside of a game