Sevens can refer to:

  • Rugby sevens, a variant of rugby union football
  • Rugby league sevens, a variant of rugby league football
  • The Sevens (stadium), a rugby stadium in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Sevens (album), a 1997 album by Garth Brooks
  • Sevens (band), a band on the ATIC Records label
  • Sevens (film), a 2011 Indian film
  • Sevens (card game)
  • Sevens group
  • Sevens (Enneagram of Personality)
  • The Se7ens, a series of bus routes in Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Famous quotes containing the word sevens:

    how they trace
    across the very-marble
    of this place,
    bright sevens and printed fours,
    elevens and careful eights....
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)