Sequence Point - Examples of Ambiguity

Examples of Ambiguity

Consider two functions f and g. In C and C++, the + operator is not associated with a sequence point, and therefore in the expression f+g it is possible that either f or g will be executed first. The comma operator introduces a sequence point, and therefore in the code f,g the order of evaluation is defined: first f is called, and then g is called.

Sequence points also come into play when the same variable is modified more than once within a single expression. An often-cited example is the C expression i=i++, which apparently both assigns i its previous value and increments i. The final value of i is ambiguous, because, depending on the order of expression evaluation, the increment may occur before, after, or interleaved with the assignment. The definition of a particular language might specify one of the possible behaviors or simply say the behavior is undefined. In C and C++, evaluating such an expression yields undefined behavior.

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