Sepúlveda is a name of families of Spanish descent. Sepúlveda, Segovia is the name of a village in Spain.

The Sepúlveda family was prominent in the early days of Los Angeles, California and Orange County

  • Francisco Xavier Sepulveda (1742-1788), a Mexican colonial soldier in Alta California
  • Juan Jose Sepulveda (1764-1808), son of Francisco Xavier Sepulveda
  • Francisco Sepulveda (1775-1853), son of Francisco Xavier Sepulveda
  • Juan Maria Sepulveda (19th century), landowner

and many features of the Southern California area are named for the family:

  • Sepulveda, now called North Hills, a neighborhood within Los Angeles.
  • Sepulveda Boulevard, a street in Los Angeles listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest municipal street in the world, stretching from the north end of the San Fernando Valley to the south end of San Pedro, California, a distance of about 43 miles.
  • Sepulveda Pass, an important pass over the Santa Monica Mountains connecting the Los Angeles Basin to the San Fernando Valley.
  • Sepulveda Dam, a flood control dam in the San Fernando Valley which regulates the Sepulveda Basin.

Other individuals named Sepulveda include:

  • Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda, a Spanish theologian and author of the 16th century who wrote in Latin
  • Lorenzo de Sepúlveda, a 16th-century Spanish author of romances in verse
  • Luis Sepúlveda, a Chilean writer
  • Luis Fernando Sepúlveda, a Chilean track and road cyclist
  • María Luisa Sepúlveda, a Chilean composer
  • Daniel Sepulveda, a punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers, an American football team