Sell can refer to:

  • A verb relating to sales
  • Sell (professional wrestling)
  • One of several people named Edward Sell (disambiguation)
  • Mary Elizabeth Sell, New York City Ballet dancer
  • Friedrich L. Sell, German economist
  • SELL (Southern Evacuation Lifeline), a proposed road in Horry County, South Carolina
  • SELL or Syndicat des ├ęditeurs de logiciels de loisirs, a French organization that promotes the interests of video game developers
  • SeLL (Dutch Society for the Shoe and Leather Branche from the Region "De Langstraat")
  • SELL Student Games

Famous quotes containing the word sell:

    Mo Williams: Some people peddle apples, lamb chops, lumber. I peddle information. Skip ain’t sorry; he understands. We live in a different kind of world. Oh, once in a while he gets a little hot under the collar if I sell him short.
    Candy: But you wouldn’t sell him to a Commie!
    Mo Williams: What do you think I am, an informer?!
    Samuel Fuller (b. 1911)

    Mildred Pierce: You look down on me because I work for a living, don’t you? You always have. All right, I work. I cook food and sell it and make a profit on it, which, I might point out, you’re not too proud to share with me.
    Monte Beragon: Yes, I take money from you, Mildred. But not enough to make me like kitchens or cooks. They smell of grease.
    Mildred Pierce: I don’t notice you shrinking away from a fifty- dollar bill because it smells of grease.
    Ranald MacDougall (1915–1973)

    But a dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down—very important traits in times like these. In fact, just as soon as a dog comes along who, in addition to these qualities, also knows when to buy and sell stocks, he can be moved right up to the boy’s bedroom and the boy can sleep in the dog house.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)