Selayar Islands - Diving


There are white tipped, blacktipped and grey sharks (at depths of 40m plus) and beautiful coral cover with gorgonians, soft corals, huge sponges and colorful reef fishes in the shallower parts.

Dive sites in the neighboring islands:

  • Takahaji Atoll (Tambolongang, Pulasi): 11⁄2 to 3 hours, pelagic fishes, dolphins, sometimes whales.
  • Takabonerate Islands (Telaga Bone Rate) Atoll (Indonesian National Marine Park) : 3 to 4 hours, pelagic fishes, dolphins, turtles, many soft corals, sea fans.
  • Tanahjampea Atoll: 3 to 4 hours, many small islands on this atoll, pelagic fishes, dolphins, turtles, many soft corals.

See Selayar Island for dive sites immediately surrounding it.

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