Schnyder is used in Switzerland as an alternative spelling of the more common German surname Schneider (tailor). Immigrants to North America often spelled their name as Snyder.

  • Daniel Schnyder (born 1961), Swiss jazz musician and composer
  • Fabian Schnyder (born 1985), Swiss ice hockey player
  • Franz Schnyder (1910–1993), Swiss film director
  • Franz Xaver Schnyder von Wartensee (1786–1868), Swiss composer
  • Josef Schnyder (born 1923), Swiss cross country skier
  • Nicole Schnyder-Benoit (born 1973), retired professional beach volleyball player
  • Oliver Schnyder (born 1973), Swiss pianist
  • Patty Schnyder (born 1978), Swiss tennis player
  • Walter Schnyder, author
  • Jim Schnyder, recruiter, speaker and blogger

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