Schneider is a surname, common in Germany, it may also refer to:

Companies and organizations
  • G. Schneider & Sohn, Bavarian brewery company
  • Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG, former owner of the Dual brand record players
    • Schneider Computer Division, brand of Amstrad CPC in association with Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG
  • Schneider Electric, Fortune 500 French industrial company
    • formerly Schneider SA
  • Schneider Foods, Canadian meat producer now owned by Maple Leaf Foods
  • Schneider Kreuznach, German manufacturer of industrial and photographic optics
  • Schneider National, Inc., provider of logistics services based in Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Schneider Opticmachines, German manufacturer of optical machines
  • Schneider, Indiana, a town located in Lake County, Indiana
  • Schneider Township, Buffalo County, Nebraska
  • Schneider, Alburnoides bipunctatus, a freshwater fish
  • Point counts in the card games Sheepshead and Skat
  • Schneider (beer), an Argentinian brand of beer
  • Schneider CA1, a French World War I tank
  • Schneider Grunau Baby, one of a number of types of glider designed and built by Edmund Schneider of Germany and Australia
  • Schneider Trophy, a prize for seaplanes
  • A CAS armor unit for the Liger Zero