Scarab may refer to:

  • Scarabaeus sacer, the scarab beetle worshiped by Ancient Egyptians
  • A scarab (artifact) was an object symbolizing the holy beetle in Ancient Egypt
  • Other members of Scarabaeidae, the scarab beetle family
  • Stout Scarab, limited production automobile
  • Scammell Scarab - A small, 3-wheeled articulated lorry tractor unit produced 1948-1967
  • Scarab (lunar rover)
  • Scarab (constructor), a Formula One race car constructor which was formed by Lance Reventlow
  • A sailing dinghy in Arthur Ransome's children's novel The Picts and the Martyrs
  • Scarab SS-21, the NATO reporting name for the Russian OTR-21 Tochka short-ranged tactical ballistic missile,
  • Scarab (comics), the name of a number of different comic book characters
  • A member of the Scarabbean Senior Society at the University of Tennessee
  • Scarabaeus (video game)