Savitri Devi - Works


Year Title ISBN Summary
1935 Essai critique sur Theophile Kaïris First doctoral thesis, on the life and thought of the Greek educator and philosopher Theophile Kaïris.
1935 La simplicité mathématique A 500-page thesis on the nature of simplicity in mathematics. It included a discussion of Léon Brunschvicq, and drew upon the work of George Boole, Gottlob Frege, Bertrand Russell, Henri Poincaré, and Alfred North Whitehead.
1940 (written 1935-6) L'Etang aux lotus (The Lotus Pond) Impressions of India. A combination of travelogue and philosophical, cultural, and political reflections.
1936 A Warning to the Hindus ISBN 978-81-85002-40-8 Written to rally support for Hindu nationalism and independence, and to rally resistance to the spread of Christianity and Islam in India.
1940 The Non-Hindu Indians and Indian Unity Promotes the idea that India must put aside social prejudice and communal hatred to create the political unity to achieve independence.
1946 A Son of God: The Life and Philosophy of Akhnaton, King of Egypt ISBN 0-912057-95-5 and ISBN 0-912057-17-3 Detailing the life of The Egyptian monotheist (whom Sigmund Freud in 'Moses and Monotheism' speculates was 'Moses').
1951 Defiance ISBN 0-9746264-6-5 Autobiographical account of her propaganda mission, arrest, trial, and imprisonment in occupied Germany in 1949.
1952 (written 1948-9), reedited 2005 Gold in the Furnace ISBN 978-0-906879-52-8 and ISBN 978-0-9746264-4-4 Conditions in postwar Germany.
1958 (written 1953-9) Pilgrimage Account of her pilgrimage to various National Socialist holy sites.
1958 (written 1948-56) The Lightning and the Sun ISBN 978-0-937944-14-1 (abridged) A work synthesizing the Hindu philosophy of cyclical history with National Socialism. Contains biographies of Genghis Khan, Akhnaton, and Adolf Hitler. Famous for the claim that Hitler was an avatar of the God Vishnu.
1959 (written in 1945) Impeachment of Man ISBN 978-0-939482-33-7 Animal rights and ecology.
1965 (written 1957-60) Long-Whiskers and the Two-Legged Goddess, or The True Story of a "Most Objectionable Nazi" and... half-a-dozen Cats A fictionalized autobiography and memoir of her favorite cats.
1976 (written 1968-71) Souvenirs et reflexions d’une aryenne (Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman) A series of philosophical essays rather than a memoir, this is the most comprehensive statement of her philosophy.
2005 And Time Rolls on: The Savitri Devi Interviews ISBN 978-0-9746264-3-7 1978 autobiographical interviews originally recorded in Calcutta.

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