Savery is a surname.

'Savery Surname' actually belongs to the decendants of an agricultural researcher 'Muthu Savery' (17th century) in Puducherry, India; formed during the French-Pondicherry government. Language- Tamil. Caste- Sozhia Vellala Pillai.

Muthu savery = F/o. Rock Savery = F/o.Mariearoquianadin Savery = F/o.Cesaire Savery = F/o.Dr.Mohan Savery = F/o. Dr.Darshan Savery & Dr.Nishanth Savery

It may also refer to:

  • Henry Savery (1791-1842), Australian novelist
  • Jan Savery (1589-1654), Flemish painter
  • Joe Savery (born 1985), baseball pitcher
  • Nigel Savery (21st century), geneticist
  • Roelant Savery (1576-1639), Flanders-born Dutch baroque painter
  • Thomas Savery (circa 1650-1715), English inventor
  • Uffe Savery (born 1966), Danish percussionist
  • William Savery (1750-1804), American Quaker