Sambo may refer to:

  • Sambo (racial term), a racial term for a person with mixed African and Native American heritage (see zambo)
  • Sambo (martial art), a martial art developed in the USSR
  • Sambo from The Story of Little Black Sambo, a book
  • Sambo's, a restaurant chain
  • Sambo's Grave, grave of a slave (died 1736) at Sunderland Point in Lancashire, England
  • TG Sambo, a Korean computer manufacturer
  • Sambomaster, a Japanese rock band
  • Samboende, a Swedish term for people in cohabitation
  • Sambo, the name in Ecuador for cucurbita ficifolia, a type of gourd
  • Sambo, a romanized term for the three ancestral treasures of Chinese culture
  • Sambo, Irish and Australian slang term for sandwich