Saga Domain - List of Daimyo

List of Daimyo

The hereditary daimyo were head of the clan and head of the domain.

  1. Nabeshima Katsushige (鍋島 勝茂, 1607-1657)
  2. Nabeshima Mitsushige (鍋島 光茂, 1657-1695)
  3. Nabeshima Tsunashige (鍋島 綱茂, 1695-1706)
  4. Nabeshima Yoshishige (鍋島 吉茂, 1707-1730)
  5. Nabeshima Muneshige (鍋島 宗茂, 1730-1738)
  6. Nabeshima Munenori (鍋島 宗教, 1738-1760)
  7. Nabeshima Shigemochi (鍋島 重茂, 1760-1770)
  8. Nabeshima Harushige (鍋島 治茂, 1770-1805)
  9. Nabeshima Narinao (鍋島 斉直, 1805-1830)
  10. Nabeshima Naomasa (鍋島 直正, 1830-1861)
  11. Nabeshima Naohiro (鍋島 直大, 1861-1871)

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