Sachs is a German surname meaning "man from Saxony" and may refer to:

Real people
  • Albie Sachs (born 1935), a South African Constitutional Court Justice
  • Andrew Sachs (born 1930), a German-British actor
  • Bernard Sachs (1858–1944), an American neurologist
  • Curt Sachs (also Kurth Sachs, 1881–1959), a music historian
  • Eddie Sachs (1927–1964), an American racecar driver
  • Gunter Sachs (1932–2011), better known as Gunter Sachs, a German photographer, researcher (mathematics and astrology) and playboy
  • George Sachs (1896–1961), a Russia-born German and US metallurgist
  • Hans Sachs (disambiguation)
    • Hans Sachs (1494–1576), a German poet
    • Hans Sachs (serologist) (1877–1945), a German serologist
  • Harvey Sachs (born 1946), an American-Canadian conductor and writer
  • Horst Sachs, a German mathematician, an expert in graph theory
  • Ignacy Sachs (born 1927), a Polish, naturalized French economist and ecosocioeconomist
  • James D. Sachs a retired United States Air Force veteran, game artist and game programmer
  • Jeffrey Sachs (born 1954), an American economist
  • Johann Sachs (born 1843), a German composer
  • Jonathan Sachs (born 1947), an American computer programmer
  • Julius von Sachs (1832–1897), a German botanist
  • Lenny Sachs (1897–1942), an American football player and basketball coach
  • Leonard Sachs (1909–1990), a British actor
  • Maria Sachs, an American politician
  • Maurice Sachs (1906–1945), a French author
  • Mavro Sachs (1817 – 1888), a Croatian physician
  • Mendel Sachs (born 1927), an American physicist
  • Michael Sachs (born 1808), a German rabbi
  • Milan Sachs (1884–1968), a Czech-Croatian opera conductor and composer
  • Nelly Sachs (1891–1970), a German poet
  • Rainer Sachs (born 1932), German-born American scientist known for his work in astrophysics and biophysics
  • Robin Sachs (born 1951), a British actor
  • Stephen Sachs (born 1959), an American stage director and playwright
  • Stephen H. Sachs (born 1934), an American politician and Attorney General of Maryland
  • Wolfgang Sachs, Ph.D., a German researcher and author of books
Fictional characters
  • Andrea Sachs, created by Lauren Weisberger
  • Daniel Sachs, from an online graphic novel Demonology 101
  • Amelia Sachs, an NYPD police officer in the Lincoln Rhyme series of crime/mystery novels by Jeffery Deaver.
  • Benjamin Sachs, protagonist in novel, Leviathan (Auster novel) by Paul Auster
  • Goldman Sachs, a bank
  • ZF Sachs AG, a company
  • Sachs Electric, a Missouri electrical contractor
  • Sachs Motorcycles
  • Sachs Patera