Rumic World

Rumic World (るーみっくわーるど, Rūmikku Wārudo?), later reprinted in Japan as Takahashi Rumiko Kessaku Tanpenshū (高橋留美子傑作短編集?), is a series of short manga stories created by Rumiko Takahashi, mostly created early in her career before Ranma ½. These tend to be comedies.

"Rumic World" is also the series name under which Central Park Media and Manga Entertainment released in North America and the UK five anime OVAs in 1992 based on Takahashi's stories:

  1. Fire Tripper
  2. Maris the Chojo
  3. Laughing Target
  4. Mermaid Forest
  5. Mermaid's Scar

Some of these stories, along with newer stories, were also animated as part of the Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou (Rumiko Takahashi Anthology) anime series.

Even though Manga Entertainment has released all of its UK and American catalogue to Australia, all of the Rumic World series did not make it into Australia due to Manga's Australian division's takeover by Madman Entertainment, which after takeover, released most of Manga UK and Manga USA's catalogue until 2001 when Madman integrated Manga Entertainment's Australian division. Madman staff have rumored to release the Rumic World series on DVD under Manga Entertainment's label, and Madman still licence and distribute Manga's titles like Macross Plus and Space Adventure Cobra.

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