Royal Signals Trades

The Royal Signals Trades are the employment specialisations of the Royal Corps of Signals in the British Army. Every soldier in the Corps is trained both as a field soldier and a tradesman. There are currently seven different trades, each of which is open to both men and women:

  • Communication Systems Operator: an expert in military radio communications.
  • Communication Systems Engineer: an expert in data communications and computer networks.
  • Royal Signals Electrician: an expert in maintaining and repairing generators and providing electrical power.
  • Driver Lineman: an expert in driving, laying line and installing cabling.
  • Installation Technician: an expert in installing and repairing fibreoptics and telephone systems.
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Operator: an expert in intercepting and jamming enemy communications.
  • Technical Supply Specialist: an expert in managing and accounting for communications equipment.

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