Royal Malaysian Police Museum - Constructions History

Constructions History

RMP Muzium PDRM was built by PULAPOL Superintendent, Gerry Waller with the help of several other officers in 1958. The building was built with wood and its early materials were only collections of materials used for teaching in the Police Training Centre.

Following museum state sick and not able to accommodate artifacts expansion, on 16 October 1983, Inspector-General of Police then, Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar proposes new place viz building Mes Polis's Senior Officer, Kuala Lumpur that remain yet. Museum construction project beginning at 18 February 1993 with construction cost RM4.9 million, while interior decoration works involves cost RM2.9 million. The new building is completed and commended to Muzium PDRM on 23 July 1997.

Migration process to the new building done at 26 August 1997 and launched Deputy Prime Minister cum Domestic Minister then, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (previous Prime Minister) on July 24, 1999 while his operation and service start to open to the public on 2 October 1998.

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