Royal Bank Cup

The Royal Bank Cup is an annual ice hockey tournament held to determine the Canadian Junior A champion. The winner of the tournament wins the Royal Bank Cup. The forerunner to the Royal Bank Cup was the Manitoba Centennial Cup, which ran for 25 years from 1971 to 1995 inclusive.

The Doyle Cup Champion traditionally plays off against the Anavet Cup Champion for the Western Canadian Championship, the Abbott Cup to advance to the Royal Bank Cup. The outcome of the Abbott Cup is determined during the Royal Bank Cup round robin and the outcome of the game is more important in tournament placement than the long history of the award.

The current tournament structure is a five-team round-robin with a playdown. The participating teams are the four regional champions and the host team.

Fred Page Cup: Eastern Champion
Dudley Hewitt Cup: Central Champion
Anavet Cup: Western Champion
Doyle Cup: Pacific Champion
Host Team: Predetermined by Canadian Junior Hockey League

In 2013, the Anavet Cup and Doyle Cup will be replaced by a round robin tournament called the Western Canada Cup. The tournament will produce two seeds to the Royal Bank Cup.

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