Romero is a Spanish surname meaning:

  1. A person on a religious journey or pilgrimage
  2. One who partakes in a religious procession of holy items
  3. The pungent botanical herb of rosemary symbolising remembrance and fidelity
  4. A guardian of religious cemeteries or shrines

Other variations of the surname

  • Roemer, a Middle High German and Swiss surname meaning a pilgrim to the Holy Land
  • Romer, an English and Dutch surname meaning a religious pilgrim or religious warrior to the Holy Land
  • Romeo, an Italian surname meaning a pilgrim to Rome
  • Romeu, a Portuguese and Catalan surname meaning someone on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  • Romeos, a Modern Greek surname meaning pilgrim to Jerusalem
  • Romemu, an Hebraic word meaning one who exalts or glorifies a deity

Famous quotes containing the word romero:

    Nosferatu! Vampire! First I will save your soul, then I will destroy you.
    —George Romero (b. 1940)