Roebuck may refer to:

  • male Roe Deer, a type of deer
  • Alvah C. Roebuck (1864–1948), American businessman and co-founder of Sears, Roebuck and Company
  • Henry Disney Roebuck, builder of Midford Castle in 1775
  • John Roebuck (1718–1794), English inventor
  • John Arthur Roebuck (1802–1879), British parliamentarian
  • Peter Roebuck (1956–2011), English-Australian cricketer and journalist
  • Roebuck, South Carolina, USA
  • Roebuck Bay, Western Australia
  • Roebuck Castle, home of the School of Law at University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Roebuck, a townland in south county Dublin—see List of townlands of County Dublin
  • HMS Roebuck, the name of 14 ships of the Royal Navy