Revisionism may refer to:

  • Historical revisionism, the critical re-examination of presumed historical facts and existing historiography
    • The "revisionists" school of thought in Soviet and Communist studies, as opposed to the Cold War "traditionalists" school.
  • Historical revisionism (negationism), a particular form of historical revisionism concerned with the denial of facts accepted by mainstream historians
  • Holocaust denial, any of various claims that standard scholarly descriptions of the Holocaust are substantially erroneous, particularly the denials made by David Irving
  • Revisionist Zionism, a nationalist faction within the Zionist movement
  • Marxist revisionism, a pejorative term used by some Marxists to describe ideas based on a revision of fundamental Marxist premises
  • Fictional revisionism, the retelling of a story with substantial alterations in character or environment, to "revise" the view shown in the original work
  • Territorial revisionism, a euphemism for revanchism or irredentism
  • Revisionism Theory, another word for Reformism
  • The reevaluation of one's experiences with a hindsight bias.