Reveal or Revealed may refer to:

  • Reveal (carpentry), a type of joint
  • The Revealed, an Internet documentary project about gorillas
  • Reveal, a magazine published by Nat Mags
  • J. L. Reveal, American botanist
  • Reveal system, a system of plant classification
  • Reveal (arts and showbusiness), in show business and literature, the exposure of a "twist"

In music:

  • Reveal (rapper), member of the British hip hop group Poisonous Poets
  • Reveal (Fischer-Z album), 1987
  • Reveal (R.E.M. album), 2001
  • Revealed – Live in Dallas, an album by Myron Butler & Levi, 2010
  • "Reveal" (song), a song by Roxette
  • Reveal Records, a UK record label

In television:

  • Revealed..., a UK news programme for teenagers, 2008-present
  • Revealed with Jules Asner, a 2001-2003 American biography series
  • Revealed (TV series), a 2002-2011 UK documentary series, whose performers have included Suzie Kennedy

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Famous quotes containing the word revealed:

    He who asks fortune-tellers the future unwittingly forfeits an inner intimation of coming events that is a thousand times more exact than anything they may say. He is impelled by inertia, rather than curiosity, and nothing is more unlike the submissive apathy with which he hears his fate revealed than the alert dexterity with which the man of courage lays hands on the future.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    That’s one thing I like about Hollywood. The writer is there revealed in his ultimate corruption. He asks no praise, because his praise comes to him in the form of a salary check. In Hollywood the average writer is not young, not honest, not brave, and a bit overdressed. But he is darn good company, which book writers as a rule are not. He is better than what he writes. Most book writers are not as good.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)

    What has been hidden by snow is revealed by a thaw.
    Swedish proverb, trans. by Verne Moberg.