Renouf is a family name of Norman origin. People with this name include:

  • Alan Renouf (1919–2008), former senior Australian Government official
  • Brent Renouf (born 1988), Australian rules footballer
  • George Renouf (1878–1961), Canadian politician
  • Frank Renouf (1918–1998), a New Zealand tycoon and husband successively of Susan and Michèle Renouf
  • Michèle Renouf (born 1946), former Australian-born advertising actress, third wife of Frank Renouf, and defender of Holocaust deniers' legal rights
  • Peter le Page Renouf (1822–1897), British Egyptologist
  • Steve Renouf (born 1970), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Susan Renouf (born 1940), Australian socialite and second wife of Frank Renouf