• (verb): Assign a new name to.
    Example: "Many streets in the former East Germany were renamed in 1990"
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Some articles on rename:

Ford House Office Building - History
... late 1980s, the Democratic and Republican parties were each permitted to rename a House Annex building ... then in the minority, chose to rename House Annex-2 the Ford Building after former President of the United States and House Minority Leader Gerald Ford, while the Democrats chose to rename House Annex-1 ...
Relational Algebra - Use of Algebraic Properties For Query Optimization - Rename - Rename and Set Operators
... Rename is distributive over set difference, union, and intersection. ...
Comparison Of Image Viewers - General Information
... filters (sharpen, blur, average, emboss...), red eye removal, batch rename, edit Exif info.. ... preview, versions with alternates Stand Alone rotate, rename, delete, move, copy, batch rename, add/Edit Metadata, camera raw image adjustments (crop, resize, exposure, contrast, white balance, curves, etc ... Rotate, move, rename, 150+ transitional effects, lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, scanner support, histogram.. ...
RAF Upavon - History - 1970s and 80s, Command Reorganisation, Rename, Amalgamisation
... Amalgamations continued, and on 10 November 1975, No.38 and No.46 Groups were merged into one, with No.38 Group keeping the title ... At this time, No.38 Group returned to Upavon, and was to become the largest Group in the RAF ...
Ren (command)
... In computing, ren (or rename) is a command in various DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows command line interpreters (shells) such as COMMAND.COM, cmd.exe, 4DOS/4NT and Windows PowerShell ... It is used to rename files and in some implementations also directories ... RT-11, RSX-11 and OpenVMS also provide the rename command which can be contracted to ren ...

More definitions of "rename":

  • (verb): Name again or anew.
    Example: "He was renamed Minister of the Interior"