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Setuid - setuid and setgid On Directories
... new files and subdirectories created within it to inherit its group ID, rather than the primary group ID of the user who created the file (the owner ID is never affected, only ... Thus, this enables a shared workspace for a group without the inconvenience of requiring group members to explicitly change their current group before creating new files or directories ... the setgid permission on a directory only affects the group ID of new files and subdirectories created after the setgid bit is set, and is not applied to existing entities ...
Macintosh User Groups - Managing Local Groups To Share Resources Between Users
... or any of the folders inside of a home folder to facilitate or limit access by users based on group membership ... Group membership affects access to files and folders, whether a user logs in at a computer or connects via file sharing from another computer ... you can use to manage local users and groups is Workgroup Manager, Appleā€™s tool for managing users and groups on Mac OS X Server ...
FATX - Technical Design - Directory Table - Directory Entry
... systems of the Digital Research family stored file passwords, access rights, owner IDs, and file deletion data there ... enabled use this field to store owner IDs ... Offset 0x12 holds the user ID, 0x13 the group ID of a file's creator ...

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