Reimer may refer to:


  • A. James Reimer, Canadian Mennonite theologian
  • Arthur E. Reimer, american political candidate for the Socialist Labor Party of America
  • David Reimer, German-Canadian man whose unsuccessful sexual reassignment to female after his penis was inadvertently destroyed during circumcision is a famous case study in sexology
  • David J. Reimer, Canadian politician, see Christian Heritage Party of Canada candidates, 2004 Canadian federal election
  • Dennis Reimer, Chief of Staff of the United States Army 1995-1999
  • James Reimer (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Klaas Reimer, founder of the Kleine Gemeinde (later called the Evangelical Mennonite Conference)


  • YRC Reimer, subsidiary of transportation and logistics provider YRC Worldwide
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