Regulator may refer to:

  • Regulator (automatic control), a device that maintains a designated characteristic, as in:
    • Battery regulator
    • Pressure regulator
    • Diving regulator
    • Voltage regulator
  • Regulator (economics), an agency established by central government for the control of or intervention in the operation of markets
  • Regulator gene, a gene involved in controlling the expression of one or more other genes
  • Regulatory agency or Regulator, an agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over some area of human activity
  • A precision pendulum clock, originally used as a time-standard for adjusting or regulating other clocks and watches
  • An auxiliary physics concept used in regularization
  • Regulator (mathematics), a positive real number used in Dirichlet's unit theorem
  • A British term for a steam engine's throttle
  • A component of Uilleann pipes, a form of bagpipes
  • A flood control structure designed to manage the return of flood water from flood plains and diversion areas to the main channel

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